Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Reviewing The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree by Selina Kray.

The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree (Stoker & Bash #2) by Selina Kray 5*
BLURB: When will She open Rebecca Northcote’s box?
Finding lost poodles and retrieving stolen baubles is not how DI Tim Stoker envisioned his partnership with his lover, Hieronymus Bash. So when the police commissioner's son goes missing, he's determined to help, no matter what secrets he has to keep, or from whom.
When a family member is kidnapped, Hiero moves heaven and earth to rescue them. Even if that means infiltrating the Daughters of Eden, a cult of wealthy widows devoted to the teachings of Rebecca Northcote and the mysterious contents of her box. The Daughters' goodwill toward London's fallen women has given them a saintly reputation, but Hiero has a nose for sniffing out a fraud. He will need to draw on some divine inspiration to rattle the pious Daughters.
Like weeds gnarling the roots of Eden's fabled tree, Tim and Hiero's cases intertwine. Serpents, secrets, and echoes from Hiero's past lurk behind every branch. Giving in to temptation could bind them closer together—or sever their partnership forever.

My Review: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. This had all the things I liked about book one and then added a little more on top. An excellent read for anyone who likes melodramatic Victorian mystery novels with a dash of romance. However be warned it does incorporate a lot of factual history that won't be to everyone's taste (SPOILER: baby farming and child murder) . As in the previous book, the two heroes make the story so enjoyable, they fight and love in equally passionate measure and I don't think the whole story would have worked as well without the author's talented depictions of these two men. I must warn you though that this needs to be read after Fangs of Scavo as it is a direct follow on to that book.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Audiobook review of Commander Henry Gallant by H. Peter Alesso & Theodore Copeland

Commander Henry Gallant (The Henry Gallant Saga, Book 4) by H. Peter Alesso & Theodore Copeland DNFL
BLURB: Henry Gallant thought Alaina loved him, but now she's found someone else. A tidal wave of loss and grief sweep over him, leaving him undecided about what to do next, or how to move forward.
Despite his sorrow, he goes on a dangerous mission to an invading aliens' home world in the Gliese-581 star system. There he uses a neural interface to penetrate their communication network and steals a high-ranking alien's identity. Through this artifice, he learns about their history and society and discovers a way to hinder and possibly defeat them.
A side effect of linking into the alien network - which was created for autistic savants - is that Gallant's mind is stimulated and enhanced to the point where he begins to experience superintelligence abilities.
Upon returning from his mission, there is concern that Gallant might pose a more serious threat than the aliens. While he struggles to fend off those who doubt his loyalty, he fights to win back Alaina.

My Review: I received a copy via Audiobook Boom in exchange for an honest review. I think this is my first DNFL (Did Not Finish Listening) as, beyond the fact that we played yo-yo with the narrator again, I just couldn't finish listening to it. It felt like it wasn't written by the same guy who wrote the first books. I don't want to say anything else as a lot of the ratings are in the 4 & 5 star range so it might just be that I am no longer enjoying the saga from listening to them so rapidly one after the other. I might give it a go in a few months and see if I can at least finish it to find out what the ending is.