Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Pre-release Review for How To Run With The Wolves by Eli Easton

How to Run with the Wolves (Howl at the Moon #5) by Eli Easton 5*
BLURB: Zeus loves his job on the new Mad Creek Search & Rescue team, and his inner Saint Bernard is finally being used to his full potential. When he sees a mysterious and wild-looking quickened—a dog shifter—at an earthquake site in Alaska, Zeus is compelled to investigate. Zeus falls hard for the primal beauty of Timo and of Alaska itself. Both call to his deep canine soul. But the Quimmiq pack’s laws are as harsh as the Alaskan winters, and Timo is out of his reach.
Timo’s pack of dog shifters left their Inuit village generations ago and have lived wild ever since. Not trusting the “one-skinned,” and with their numbers dwindling, the Quimmiq are on the verge of extinction. Timo is shocked to discover a whole group of “two-skinned” working as a rescue team, and he is particularly fascinated by Zeus, a gentle giant. He senses what Zeus feels for him… but it’s forbidden.
Can Mad Creek save this lost quickened clan? Perhaps—if they can learn how to run with the wolves.

My Review: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I don't know how Eli Easton does it, but every new story from the Howl at the Moon series is better than the last. I just loved Zeus & Timo, but I also really enjoyed the fact that a lot of my favourites from the previous books showed up, even though much of the book is set far away from Mad Creek. The contrasts between Zeus and Timo was just right for the slow build up of their romance and I really liked the way Timo learnt about the world away from his life in the wilds. In fact the secondary characters from Alaska were all so very interesting and I can't wait to read more about them. The problems the tribe were suffering from was handled with knowledge and sensitivity and I learnt a fair bit more about genetics than I already knew. I could rhapsodise about the book (and have people think I'm not being honest) or I could give away spoilers (which I try not to do) but neither would really give you an inkling of how good this story is or how much i wanted more of it. My suggestion is that you go pre-order it now or go buy it on 19th July. You won't regret it if you've enjoyed any of Eli's previous books or just enjoy a good shifter story with a difference.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Reviewing Where The Night Reigns by Emilie Lucadamo

Where the Night Reigns (In the Darkness Book 3) by Emilie Lucadamo 2*
BLURB: The barrier between worlds has shattered. Demons wreak havoc across Earth; the dead are rising from their graves; psychics and witches are vanishing without a trace. The fate of the world rests in the hands of the enigmatic Tresser Corporation, a company of demon soldiers… and a kindergarten teacher. To save both worlds, they’ll have to travel into the mouth of Hell itself.

My Review: I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. When I agreed to read this book I had no idea it was actually the final book in a trilogy. so that came as quite a surprise. Plus I had a hard time getting to grips with the writing style, which made enjoying the book quite difficult for me. However the story wasn't too bad, as you don't really need the first two to understand what's going on in this one, but I might have enjoyed this one more if I had read them. I am not going to go back and read the first two however, so I'll never know if that would be true. I cannot think of what else to say without giving away spoilers, or being nasty just because this wasn't my cup of tea - neither of which is my idea of a good review nor is it my style. I guess what I'm trying to say is either read all three books (if you haven't read the first two yet) or read this as a standalone (which it truly can be) and make up your own mind as to if it's your cup of tea :D