Thursday, November 03, 2011

Long overdue

Family update :D

Elflady: not doing so good. Got nurses coming twice a week to do her leg dressings and keepan eye on any infections in the blisters.

Pirate: Loads and loads of medical appointments this month for various problems with his health. He is however slowly succeeding with trying to quit smoking (or at least cut down). He is now only buying about 2/3 packs a week instead of 6/7 a week :D *Is proud of his achievement*

Swampers and T : Currently moving into new flat that is both pet friendly and has plenty of storage space. It also looks like it's in a nice neighbourhood :D

Jesus: Currently travelling around again. Sri Lanka is part of this trip I believe :D

Reaper_monkey and Jewel: Still at different ends of the country but otherwise doing well.

Enticing_thorn and C: Not doing so well since C lost his job. Both of them are currently job hunting and I wish them the best with that considering the job market around here right now.

Furiously Life Like: The same as C except that he is also going through an unfair dismissal procedure. He also like Swampers has recently moved into a new flat with a very nice american lady (platonic relationship only).

Maddy: Definitely the cause of my hives!! Still not going to get rid of her though, she is so sweet with her idiosyncrasies :D She has a shoe fetish for one - if we go out and leave our footwear where she can reach it she will steal the right one and hide it on her bed! She also won't settle down when the fireworks are going off unless someone is in the room with her. Pirate had to come down the other night to keep her company and she promptly went to sleep and started snoring but as soon as he moved to come back upstairs she woke up!

Me: Having a few female problems that have made me severely anaemic and needing an ultrasound scan for fibroids. Hopefully all will be well soon and in the meantime Pirate has to keep reminding me to take my iron tablets :D

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