Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potassium problems

Pirate has had a few problems lately with high potassium in the blood. Today his HF Nurse phoned to tell him to stay off the tablets he was taking that might be causing the problem. At the same time she told him that his Heart Specialist is going to refer him to a Kidney specialist as, with the proteinurea and the high potassium, it means there might be something wrong with his kidneys.

In other news all the children are doing well as far as we can tell but Elflady is not so good s her legs are worse (some of the blisters from the water retention have now become infected. 

Oh and wishing both Enticing_thorn and Furiously Life Like good luck with their job hunting, as both of them 'might' have a new job in the new year. They are both waiting to hear yes or no from the interviews they had.

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