Monday, February 27, 2012

Family update + Surprise

This is how I find out about my son moving away from Scotland!!

MSN conversation on 27/02/2012 @ 10:03:21  
Me to Monkey - how r u? 
Monkey to Me - yeah not too bad, im now all fully moved in (although not fully unpacked or dealt with all of the previous mess from my last place) down south with Jewel

We didn't even know it was on the cards! So, as Jesus is also moving to a new place in Cardiff next month, that makes all four sons having moved home in 6 months. See I knew I wasn't kept in the loop with them :D

Meanwhile there is bad news on the daughter front as she and C have to attend a funeral on Thursday. C's uncle died unexpectedly last week :(

It's a good job that all my scans/biopsies show that I am only suffering from menopause (as expected at my age ;0) and Piratedragon is doing well too or I'd be in a right state by now.

Elflady is not so good as she has green gunk coming out of her leg - so far the nurses are coping with the dressing changes but, unless it clears up soon, I have a feeling she will be back in hospital before long.

Although I did mention the sons earlier there are two things to update with Jesus and Furiously Life Like :D Jesus is now the top sales person for his travel agents for the whole of Europe and Africa :D Well done Son :D Furiously Life Like has a new job and is at last happily earning again. :)

Sorry for rambling - it's been that kind of day!

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