Saturday, October 06, 2012

Review of Pretend You Love me by Voirey Linger

Alice was always the girl on top. She made sure of it. As one of the high-school mean girls, she made sure she was the one all the boys wanted. As an adult, she stepped all over anyone who came between her and what...or who...she wanted. Mess with Alice and she'd slap you down. Until one day, life slapped back. Now Alice is alone and the one thing she wants most is the one thing she's destroyed any chance of having. Tonight she only asks only one thing of her companion... "Pretend You Love Me..." When I first started reading this all I knew was that Alice had been mean to other people and now regretted it so she arranged an evening in the Manor. I expected a simple sex scene and was pleasantly surprised and moved to tears instead by the story. Have tissues on hand when you read this one as Ms Linger has found a way to pack a lot of emotion and depths of character in just a few pages.

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