Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some reviews from the last books I read

Review of Crusade by David Weber

Finished 17/10/12

I've been a fan of David Weber for a long time and have no idea how I missed this book. I was uncertain at first about it because of the religious aspects of the blurb but was quickly drawn in and couldn't put it down. I am now looking for the Starfire book 1 (which is for some bizarre reason chronologically after this one) because if it's as good as this one then I am in for another great read from an excellent author.


Review of Touched by Magic by Doranna Durgin

Finished 20/10/12

Ms Durgin has created a magical read in this book. She has produced a book I will remember for some time to come with her wonderful characters .
The story is all about obsession, and loyalty and mystery. It's topped by great action and the ability to make fantasy seem very real.


Review of His Dark Bond by Anne Marsh

Finished 26/10/12

Even though I hadn't read book one in this series it didn't spoil my enjoyment of this book (won this from author along with book 3)

The story world was easy to catch onto and the action was fast and intense. I really liked the main characters and the interaction between them too. I am looking forward to reading more from Ms March's Fallen series.


Review of Savage Bond by Anne Marsh

Finished 26/10/12

Even though this is a small book (only 100 pages or so) it had a very full storyline. As in her previous book, Ms March took me on a fast paced, action packed ride with a pair of Characters that leapt from the pages.

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