Thursday, November 08, 2012

A birthday gift I REALLY liked

I was given some money to buy books for my birthday and bought Tara Lain's digital book Sinders & Ash. I loved it and here is my review of it:

Sinders & Ash by Tara Lain (4*)

I've read a few Tara Lain books now and can't get enough of her writing style. In this one Tara Lain has taken a classic fairytale and put a more modern twist on it.

I loved the whole concept of Cinderella with two males in the lead parts but couldn't see how it could be done without making it a farce. Tara showed me how with panache! The characters were never caricatures and the constant hint at the original fairytale ideas was excellent. I loved the way she had the Ash character grow more responsible and open and the Sinder character learn to trust others more.

If you like variants on fairy tales with a modern twist and down to earth characters then this is for you :D

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