Monday, November 05, 2012

Been reading!!

I've been so busy reading I've forgotten to keep up with my reviews so here are some from the books I most remember from the last few days.

A Company Of Swans by Eva Ibbotson
I really enjoyed this book. The historical details and the background of ballet dancing and it's hardship made a great foundation for a romance that was part tragedy and part ecstasy. The heroine was well written, as were the hero and all the secondary characters. The descriptions of the places (especially The Amazon area pre WW1)and the ballets added the seasoning to this wonderfully tasty book.

The Murray Leinster’s Mega Pack: 30 Complete Stories and Novels by Murray Leinster
I've been reading these stories in between other books as they are easier to read in pieces rather than all at once. For me it was a trip down memory lane as I had read them all as a child/teenager. I enjoyed them then and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed them now too. Even though most of them no longer hold up with modern day science, and are very outdated in that respect, Mr Leinster's ability to write interesting and absorbing stories with great characters overrides the problems of the old fashioned ideas.

A Plain Jane (Book One) by Odette C Bell
I'm a huge Science Fiction fan and thought that I would give this book a try as the write up sounded intriguing. I am so thankful I did as it was a wonderfully written story. The characters and the world building were excellent and I can't wait until I get hold of book two to continue the saga.

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