Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've been catching up on some reading lately and have read a fair few books. I will review three that were worthy reads but just list the really short ones as they all took less than half hour to read and I only give them 1 or 2* each.

You Don't need a Doctor by Julia Talbot 2*
Friction by Mychael Black 1*
Two GIs By Cheryl Dragon 1*
Master's Wish by Mychael Black 1*

However the following were longer reads that were worth the time they took.

Review of Outcast: Where Angels Dwell by Lucien Black 3*

This was a good story with a few editing errors that almost spoiled it. I liked the style of writing, with the Chapter headings giving details of when and where the action takes place, making it easy to follow who was doing what. The story concept was good and the author managed to keep me interested despite the poor editing.

Review of Silver/Steel (Arcada 2)by Belinda McBride 5*

The author has produced a story that hooked me from page one. I felt for Dylan and fell hard for Travis. The masses of action was never overdone and added to the love story immensely. This author is going on my auto buy list as her work just gets better with each new book.

Review of The Last Praetorian (The Redemption Trilogy) by Mike Smith 4*

I would have given this book a 5* but the very poor editing let it down badly. However I put up with it because the storyline was excellent. I was fully engaged with all the Characters and I fully intend to get the next books in this trilogy. I just hope they are better edited (would recommend using a freelance editor such as A J O’Donovan)

Review of Alpha Trine (The Valespian Pact #1)by Lexi Ander 5*

I loved this story. I liked the descriptions of all the different Aliens as they were both detailed and believable. The relationship between Zeus and his 'brothers' was great and had me felling warm inside. I especially liked the excellent writing in the portrayal of the romance between Zeus and Dargon/Alpha. Overall I am grateful to Lexi Anders for giving me a story worth escaping into.

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