Saturday, December 22, 2012

This would make a great movie!

Review of The Gifted by Linda Mooney 5*

BLURB: After being banished from her own world because of the deep fear of the scope of her powers by the Judiciary, an anomaly shoots Sah'Reena toward Earth and the one man in the universe meant to be her soul mate -- Dr. Robin Dickenson.
No one, least of all Dr. Robin Dickenson, expected what they discovered when they opened the alien 'craft' captured by the Liberty while on a routine space mission. But from the moment he first sees the star girl, Sah'Reena, Robin is captivated.
Near death, expecting never to see anything again beyond the endless void of space, Sah'Reena isn't certain, at first, that her mind isn't playing tricks on her, but the handsome face of the stranger she sees gives her hope of life when she'd thought all hope was gone.

My Review: When I opened this book it was with the intention of reading the first chapter before sleeping. That was a big mistake, before I had realised it I had read to chapter 19 and it was very late!
The story was an intense read, with many situations between the alien heroine and the human scientists and military that rang so true they seemed to be factual not fiction. To make this a top-notch read the author added a romance that was out of this world.

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