Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A lot of shorts again.

Not bothering to add blurbs as they are all such short stories. Links are to Goodreads, Smashwords or Amazon where the blurbs can be found :D

A Mere Formality by Ilona Andrews 4*
My Review: A lovely little short story with a clever twist at the end :D

Blindsight by Kait Nolan 3*
My REview: A nice story that was too much like a few chapters from a longer one.

The Day They Came by Eric McMahel
My Review: a wonderfully amusing short story about the aliens landing to take over earth and what the 'rednecks' do to stop them.

Dynamic Genetix by Alisha Adkins
My Review: I didn't really like this one much, much to depressing an ending and the idea had so much scope that wasn't explored.

The Beast by Aliane Donnelly
My Review: Another take on The Beauty and The Beast story that wasn't that bad.

The True Meaning Of Love 2 by Michael Mandrake
My Review: This was a good story about a May/December relationship that proves Love isn't constricted by age.

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