Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Love Doranna Durgin (or at least her books!).

Review of Wolverine's Daughter by Doranna Durgin 5*
BLURB: Kelyn of Ketura: Daughter of a legendary warrior who left the mountains before she was born. Brave. Strong. Tempered by her struggle to survive in the hostile, craggy Keturan mountains. "Find your father, " the local wisewoman tells her. "To find your true self, find the Wolverine." Angered by his abandonment, Kelyn doesn't care about her father -- but the lure of adventure in the Out Lands calls to her, and she accepts the challenge. New languages. New weapons. Magic. Witch hunts. The treacheries of civilization. She doesn't know just how much of a challenge it'll be.
My Review: This author always makes me glad to have picked up one of her books to read. As usual the characters were interesting, even the minor ones had substance. The story itself was packed full of action, magic and emotion that kept me glued to every word.

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