Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Story Telling as I like it.

Review of The Way Of The Wandering Wizard by Michael E Novak 5*
BLURB: Gentle wizard Mikal Novastar's life is complacent and secure as a mystic instructor at the School of the Three Moons in the Great City of Addis. This changes, however, when an extraordinary prophecy urges him to embark upon a heroic and dangerous adventure. Armed with a staff of light and joined by his summoned feline Majam, and an inscrutable thief, and a very young half-elf, Mikal must overcome vicious wererats, ghastly blood goblins, horrific gloomhounds, savage slavers, an exceptional and mysterious Stone Mage, and the enigmatic dragon Em-Le. Nothing could have prepared him, however, for dealing with the calculating evil of Path Bloodhue and his powerful Red Robed Wizards. And against the legion of the perfidious Black Robed Wizards, with their lethal dark assassins and brutal black blades, how can he possibly hope to triumph or even survive? And then there are the squirrels.
My Review: My daughter is an author and one piece of advice she is constantly given is to 'show not tell'. I don't know if this author was given this advice but he definitely ignored it. The telling of this story was what made it so different and enjoyable. I found that it was a good old fashioned magic adventure story that ended with the promise of more to follow. I will most definitely be on the look out for the next book.

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