Friday, February 08, 2013

New review

Winter Wolf : A Werewolf Romance On Snow by S P Wayne 4*
BLURB:Imagine having almost everything you want: a place of your own, mountains to climb, woods to roam, lakes for swimming, and, above all, privacy. It's Axton's definition of paradise, because a werewolf needs his space and his secrets. He's the resident recluse of a sleepy, far flung town hours away from his cabin in the woods, but there's more than one hidden truth in Axton's life. The lycanthropy's enough to make a hermit out of him, but it's the fact that Axton's gay and closeted that keeps him shy. Friendship--let alone romance--isn't an option. Without a pack for support, Axton has to protect his secrets himself. And that means being careful. All's well in the shapeshifter's life until the day a well meaning human decides to vacation in the cabin next door.

My Review: I really liked how the relationship between Axton & Leander grew slowly but steadily over the time they were together. The end had a pleasant hopeful feel, that also left an opening for more if the author wanted to extend on it, without it actually making it unfinished. Overall I felt warm and happy when I was finished.

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