Saturday, February 23, 2013

One Online read and One Ebook read

Review of Reifu Rising by Becca Abbott 4*
BLURB: Loki was an ilthiyan prince, one of the vampire race who existed uneasily with the humans on the planet of Gaia. In the middle of a hunt on human lands, he captured a spirited young human male. Sid was a thief and an outcast, and to be captured by a vampire seemed only the latest misfortune in a life defined by them. But Loki decided to keep Sid instead of kill him and that decision would thrust them both into a whirlwind of treachery, intrigue -- and love
My Review: Even though I spend only three hours a day online this story was well worth the time spent reading it. The depth of world building and character portrayal was excellent and I wished many a time that I could have read it on my reader so that I didn't have to keep stopping.

Review of Apocalypsis 1: Kahayatle by Elle Carson 4*
BLURB:Apocalypsis is a 3-book series, YA Science Fiction/Action Adventure. Book 1 is called Kahayatle. The series features a post-apocalyptic world where only teens have survived, providing the background for main character Bryn Mathis, a young girl with only her wits and krav maga martial arts skills to help her survive. She hooks up with a neighbour and a German exchange student and makes her way from Orlando, Florida down to the one place she thinks she might be safe from the roaming gangs of kids who will do anything and eat anything to survive.
My Review: This was marketed as YA which was doing it a disservice. I believe that this would appeal to a much wider readership. My only complaints are of a personal nature. Firstly I was left wondering why only the 10 -20 year olds survived and how the people knew it was going to happen ahead of the event. Secondly it ended on a minor cliff hanger!

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