Monday, February 25, 2013

Review of Dragon Call?

Dragon Call by Emily Ryan-Davis 2*
BLURB:Cora Phillips has witchcraft in her blood, but she's convinced she inherited the recessive rather than the dominant trait. Her mother and sister are the real heiresses to the Lune tradition; Cora has neither the interest nor the inclination to take up the Dragonkeeper mantle. Years ago, she left the New York City Witch lifestyle to the other women in her family, and said goodbye to all the velvet and lace. However, during a moment of insomnia-induced insanity, she agrees to come back to celebrate Christmas/Winter Solstice with her family. It comes as a shock to all three women when Cora, through clumsy fumblings to "get in touch with her goddess" at her sister's urging, calls a pair of ancient dragons into her meditation circle. Cora swears it's a mistake. Her mother swears it's the correct course of events. Eventually, every Dragonkeeper issues the call to mate. Problem is, nobody expected Cora to summon even a single dragon, let alone two. Before long, the dragons' guardians come knocking, literally, and ruin any hope of politely apologizing and returning the creatures.
My Review: I sort of liked it, especially as it was about dragons, but it is very much part one of a longer story. Also the Heroine really needed to chill! Yet another good story spoilt by having a cliff hanger ending!
n.b. I couldn't find the original title I have on my reader - seems it has now been changed to Mating Call (Dragon Queen #1) which would have been a good warning for me about the series nature of the story!!

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