Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review of Revenge of the Taken (Humble Walker book 1) by Shane Scollins 4*
BLURB: Every year in America, thousands of women disappear never to be seen again, and one man has dedicated his life to finding them... Humble Walker has an amazing gift rooted deep in an ancient Navajo legend. It's a power that may be as limitless as his imagination, if he could only learn how to control it. Waging a clandestine war in the shadows of the New York City underground, Humble has taken on an unassuming drug research facility, abducting women for nefarious mind control experiments. They're powerful, corrupt, and have perfected a brain-altering narcotic like the world has never seen. Beautiful and spunky Kat Carson is the latest victim. Taken from her comfortable suburban life, she represents a tipping point in the ongoing battle, but all she wants is her life back. With the help of Humble and a small band of refugees, she has a fighting chance. Even with the best plans, things can go horribly wrong. Unthinkable betrayal derails their efforts and backs them into a corner. But, that is the one place you don't want to put Humble Walker
My Review: An unusual story that kept me engrossed to the last page. I did however feel as if the story was a little unfinished (and as yet there is no Humble Walker book 2). Some questions I have about Humble and Kat are still unanswered.

Review of The Alien War Anthology by Kyle Pratt 4*
BLURB:Twenty years after the death of her father during the Battle of Altair, Lieutenant Amy Palmer returns to the system as an officer aboard the reconnaissance ship Mirage. Almost immediately disaster strikes and Amy, along with the crew of the Mirage, must face the possibility of performing their final duties. Final Duty is a novella set in the same universe as the other two stories in this anthology.
My Review: Three short stories from my favourite sub genre - military science fiction. All of them were well written, individually interesting and the last one was most poignant. The characters were well written with a real understanding of the mind set of military people.

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