Thursday, February 28, 2013

Space Wolf by Burley Ward 4*
BLURB:Girl One, Universe Zero
Dumped by Human Services into her brutish uncle's planetary homestead, eight-year-old Freedom refuses to lose. Null technology enabled man to flood the cosmos, spreading his ignorance and cruelty like a plague. When the rules of the universe are stacked against you, you have to make big plays. And Freedom is quite willing to make them. But her play gets her a puppy, Azrael, instead. A puppy? A special puppy? Right. Things couldn't possibly get any worse.
A word to the wise? Do not steal Azrael's little girl. Because he will find you. Even if you are light-years away.
When one's big moves cost friends their lives, one is a child no more. Everyone understands the rage social injustice brings. They demand it, even. But rage invokes an ancient justice, one that has stymied man since time immemorial. Freedom isn't the only player on the board, and hers are not the only moves in play. She is in a much bigger game than she knows. In the web of spacetime chaos, the little butterflies are the powerful ones.

My Review: A lovely story about the bond between a 'pet' & it's owner. I was a little surprised that the religious aspects didn't disturb me as I am not a very religious person, I think it was because it was such an integral part of Freedom's character. I know it was not intrusive nor did it attempt to convert the reader which is how it should be. I really admired the courage and fortitude of Freedom, she was a very special character. Mind you I have to admit to loving Azrael the Space Wolf best, he was a very, very special animal.

Reborn In Amber (A Bloodsworn Tale) by Kathy Lane
BLURB:Sometimes you have to die to get a second chance at love. Princess Zurine, acting ambassador for Mystia, can hardly believe her eyes. Kiel was supposed to have died in a blizzard over a year ago. Not only is he alive, he's a Silver Blade, a warrior in the service of her brother's enemy. What else did he lie to her about—besides loving her? When Kiel became Blade sick, he faked his death and gave up the woman he loves. Now, the link with his Bloodsworn is fading, and he must see Zurine to explain. Without access to the planet's magic he will surely die, yet he prefers death to a life without her. Magic sparks a passionate confrontation when Kiel and Zurine face each other and the truth. Can two star-crossed lovers find their second chance at love? Or will a deadly plot prevent Kiel's rebirth in amber?
My Review: A Bloodsworn story that has all the magic, emotion and depth of character that any reader of the series could ever want.

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