Thursday, March 14, 2013

A trilogy of reviews

The Morcai Battalion (The Morcai Battalion #1) by Susan Kyle (aka Diana Palmer) 4 *
BLURB:In the very dream of peace lurked a monstrous treachery The galaxy is on the brink of disaster, the long-awaited truce torn apart by an unprovoked attack. The colony whose residents represented more than a hundred planets has been destroyed, and the new vision for unity in the universe is at risk. Faced with a war that would mean destruction and chaos, one man has stepped forward to lead those fighting for their lives. Undeterred by insurmountable odds, his courage inspires a team--the Morcai Battalion--to battle for the cause of peace...and love
My Review I have read Diana Palmer's romances in the past but they don't hold a torch to this Science Fiction novel by her and I wish she would write more of them. She has a deft touch with aliens and their psychology and this story was especially intense with the conflict between the different alien races. The characters were memorable and made me want to read more about all of them, not just the main two. The whole story was exciting and dramatic and made me glad there were more books to follow.

The Morcai Battalion: The Recruit (The Morcai Battalion #2) by Susan Kyle (aka Diana Palmer) 4*
BLURB:A human female combat surgeon faces the loss of her military career, and her life, as she uncovers a secret that could destroy her alien commander in this first of two sequels to the 2007 science fiction hardcover. THE MORCAI BATTALION: The Recruit continues the saga of Dr. Madeline Ruszel, the only female member of the elite alien Cehn-Tahr Holconcom commandos. A new recruit threatens her place in the unit as the Rojok war escalates.
My Review The story continues with the same main characters and their on going relationship causing more problems for everyone. The emotions were even more intense than in book one and I was delighted with the storyline's progression. I also felt for the new character (Mallory), who is brought in to take over from Ruszel, as she had so much trouble fitting in it was almost comical. Again I was driven to experience deep emotions whilst reading this.

Invictus (The Morcai Battalion #3)by Susan Kyle (aka Diana Palmer) 4*
BLURB:For almost three years Dtimun, the enigmatic and mysterious Cehn-Tahr commander of the Morcai Battalion, has been at war not only with the Rojok Dynasty, but also with his feisty Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Madeline Ruszel. Now a surprising visitor from the future has charged them with the rescue of the enemy Rojok, Field Marshal Chacon. To ensure success, both Madeline and Dtimun must make personal sacrifices and attempt a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. Sparks fly as each twisting turn throws them closer together than they've ever been before—can they resist acting on desires they have long denied? If their plans are discovered, they face exile by their own governments and possibly even execution. But if they do not act, the future will see the end of civilization itself....
My Review This was a satisfactory conclusion to the trilogy, even though it had a lot more romance in it than I expected. I love the big reveal about Ruszel's 'old fellow' at the end (even though I had more or less guessed it for myself). I also loved the trilogy as a whole and can see myself reading all three books often.

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