Sunday, March 10, 2013

As good as the prequel

Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead 4*
BLURB: Can a disgraced Special Forces soldier find redemption, and will redemption cost him more than just his own life? North American Federation Navy Commander Evan Gabriel was dishonorably discharged after losing his covert team on a far off world called Eden. Now, he's being offered an opportunity to command a new team, on a new world, with a new mission, but the true motives behind the mission are unclear. From the decaying Caribbean to politically-charged South America, from the slums of Mars to a tiny colony on a planet six hundred light years from Earth, Gabriel's Redemption follows the disgraced Commander Gabriel as he leads a Special Forces team to an ice-bound world. Their given mission: to eradicate a drug cartel that is producing a highly-addictive stimulant brutally extracted from the bodies of the native inhabitants. Upon arriving, Gabriel and his team find the mission isn't exactly what it appeared to be, and that they weren't the only force dispatched to the planet. Gabriel's Redemption is a near-future military science fiction story of a personal journey seen from the perspective of a soldier who has lost everything; one who desperately needs to redeem himself not only in his government's eyes, but also his own. Interstellar action and political intrigue mix with one-on-one battles on the surface of a frozen planet in this exciting tale of salvation.
My Reveiw: As far as I am concerned the world building and the powerful imagery created by Steve Umstead was flawless.This was a lovely story with some really great twists and turns to it, along with wonderful characters and plenty of action, it was an experience not to be missed.

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