Friday, May 03, 2013

I am bandage free and can review again!!

The bandages came off today and I can finally catch up on all the reviewing I put off through lack of finger control :D

14 by Peter Clines DNF
BLURB: Padlocked doors. Strange light fixtures. Mutant cockroaches.
There are some odd things about Nate’s new apartment.
Of course, he has other things on his mind. He hates his job. He has no money in the bank. No girlfriend. No plans for the future. So while his new home isn't perfect, it’s livable. The rent is low, the property managers are friendly, and the odd little mysteries don't nag at him too much.
At least, not until he meets Mandy, his neighbor across the hall, and notices something unusual about her apartment. And Xela’s apartment. And Tim’s. And Veek’s.
Because every room in this old Los Angeles brownstone has a mystery or two. Mysteries that stretch back over a hundred years. Some of them are in plain sight. Some are behind locked doors. And all together these mysteries could mean the end of Nate and his friends.
Or the end of everything..

My Review: Just could not stay interested in the book. This might have been because of my post operation hand trouble but I think it's more likely to have been the clich├ęd way the whole thing was written.

My Reluctant Warden by Kallysten
BLURB: When her boss brought her to the party of the season, Mr. Ward’s birthday bash, Angelina thought she had slipped on Cinderella’s shoes.
Now that she is compelled to remain in the mansion, trapped with a host who was only pleasant to her in a shared fantasy, the dream abruptly turns sour.
Under other circumstances, she might enjoy staying in an opulent guest suite, with a butler waiting on her every desire. But her cage, as gilded as it may be, remains a prison, and her host, even if he wishes she were gone, is still her warden.
As she struggles to get used to the situation, she can’t figure out what to think of Morgan Ward, a man who claims to be a vampire, who at times ignores her and at times shows himself unexpectedly thoughtful. A man she’s attracted to despite her better judgment.
However, an unexpected conversation with her boss may give her no choice but to get much closer to Morgan than she’s ready for…

My Review: I liked this addition to Ward Of The Vampire and look forward to reading part three but, it did feel a little repetitive of part one at times. Loved the bit with the shoes though :D

Questor by L.S. Gibson 4*
BLURB: The spaceship, Questor, is caught in an unknown phenomenon which results in the vessel being transported far from home. Desperately low on supplies, they discover a system with two inhabited worlds where the crew hopes to find some assistance. Captain Sullivan visits the first world, Midea, while sending a small expedition to the second. By the time Jon and Manny arrive they’ve discovered the second planet is called Rhiava. However, when trying to land they find the planet is circled by an energy field which causes their vessel to crash.
Rescued and befriended by Rhiava, Jon and Manny learn the truth about the oppression of the Mideans. The Rhiava aren’t the simple people they first appear, having strong mental skills they call Gifts. Helping the Rhiava leader, a young female called Triena, to reach safety, Jon and Manny travel across the planet’s surface. During the dangerous journey Jon and Triena become close and she is devastated when he is captured and tortured by Midean forces. Jon refuses to disclose anything and though he is finally rescued with help from Triena’s Gift, he has been hardened by his ordeal.
The Questor eventually arrives at Rhiava having learned the truth about the Mideans. Knowing that if they assist the Rhiava against the Mideans and succeed they will receive all the supplies they need, Captain Sullivan decides to help. Triena reveals some of her people’s secrets to the Questor crew and together they plan an attack on the Midean base.

My Review: There was a wonderful sub plot of romance in this story and, if I had been reading it as a romance, I would have been very disappointed at the end. However as a Science Fiction story it pressed all the right buttons for me and I loved it. There were some wonderful surprises and the author has a lovely way with words that kept me reading long past the time my hand said stop.

A Boy and His Dawg by Zoe E. Whitten 3*
BLURB: Tobe White has been friends with Keith Moon since second grade, and he thinks his attraction to his best friend is one-sided until Keith confesses his feelings. Their budding relationship leads to Keith being disowned, but Keith has a much bigger problem. During a full moon Tobe is shocked when Keith transforms into a wolf and attacks him. Despite his fears of being in love with a monster, Tobe decides to help Keith come to terms with his unleashed animal side. Somehow the young lovers must find a way to keep up appearances at school and avoid exposing Keith to the police.
Just when everything seems to be working out, a new threat arrives from out of town, and these inhuman new bullies don't like wolves or gays. If Tobe doesn't think fast, both he and Keith may end up in shallow graves.

My Review: A short but sweet m/m romance about teens and a very different reason for teen angst. I enjoyed it and loved the way Tobe and Keith coped with all that life had thrown at them.

The Rainbow Virus by Dennis Meredith
BLURB: The Rainbow Virus is a gripping, realistic bioterrorism tale that launches readers on a harrowing adventure with the flips and plunges of the wildest roller coaster.
At first, loner scientist Arthur Lupo seems the most eccentric bioterrorist of all time. After vanishing from his lab at a biotech company, he releases viruses that only turn their victims a palette of colors. But then his chief pursuers—disgraced FBI agent Bobby Loudon and obsessive CDC epidemic-tracker Kathleen Shinohara—discover a horrifying fact. The brilliant Lupo has stolen the world's most lethal viruses from the Army's bioterrorism center.
Lupo reveals that his first viruses were only a test. He dramatically proves their infectivity by transforming the terrified citizens of Denver into a rainbow of colors. In a chilling declaration, he announces that he will now release an unstoppable artificial virus whose spread will decimate the world's population.
Loudon and Shinohara must race against time, a mysterious assassin, and a secret government faction to find Lupo and stop him.

My Review Dennis Meredith has written a riveting tale that has all the thrills of a block buster movie. I loved the use of all the colour terms and the interesting reactions of the people who get turned. The action was not exactly non stop but certainly breathtaking when it occurred and the science was very believable and easy to understand in the way it was presented. I am adding this author to my list of good writers to follow after reading this one.

Built 4 It (Love Bots #3)by Daisy Harris 4*
BLURB: Book three in the Love-Bots series.
When a riot erupts in Built4’s stein-building lab, the alpha stein Kee drags a submissive young lab assistant into his cage. Kee’s been studying the human. Ben’s sad eyes and slender form call to Kee — urging him to equal parts lust and possessiveness.
Prisoner to the alpha, Ben surrenders to the stein’s fierce determination and gentle seductions. He’s long hated his job, feeling like a monster for following his boss’s orders, especially once he’s seen intelligence flickering in the alpha’s green eyes.
If Kee’s to escape, he needs Ben’s help to learn about the world outside the laboratory—a world full of people, sex and experiences Kee’s only beginning to discover. And guilt-ridden over the things he’s done, Ben can only forgive himself if the alpha forgives his sins first.

My Review: I haven't read any of the Love Bot stories but that didn't seem to matter as this was an easy to follow story. The main characters were wonderful and I loved the way they interacted. Especially the way they took turns caring for each other. Overall this was a very well written short story that was worth reading.

Gay as Mardi Gras by Lily Velden 4*
BLURB:After the demise of his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Janey, Jesse needs to get away. His nan has just the thing: a month-long cruise around Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. It seems perfect—until Jesse realizes what kind of cruise it is.
A gay cruise.
Since Jesse’s roommate, Daniel, is recovering from a broken heart, the two decide to buddy up. They hit it off, and with Daniel now Jesse's partner in crime, they explore the boat and participate in all the fun activities on offer—with some, ah, interesting results for straight boy Jesse.

My Review: This was a lovely, amusing, short story that I really enjoyed reading. I wish I'd had a nan like Jesse as she was a woman I would love to have met. Outspoken and open minded! My only criticism was that the whole idea was a little far fetched but as a quick light hearted read it truly hit it's mark.

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