Monday, May 27, 2013

Review of Ripped by Shelly Dickson Carr

Ripped: A Jack the Ripper Time-Travel Thriller by Shelly Dickson Carr DNF
BLURB: Katie Lennox wishes her parents were still alive. Having to leave Boston to live with Grandma Cleaves in London was hard, but she's making new friends, working on her British accent and even learning some Cockney rhyming slang. London's cool and actually feels like home in some ways, like she's been here before, belongs here. When a museum visit with her cousin and his cute friend turns funky, Katie finds herself in a long, uncomfortable dress, wearing a ridiculous hat, wondering what happened to her jeans and high-top sneakers? And where's her iPhone?... It's London, 1888. Smart and gutsy, Katie knows she's here to stop Jack the Ripper. The serial killer didn't just slash his victims' throats; he butchered the women. Katie has read about the Ripper, knows the names of his victims and where and when they were killed. She's watched her fair share of CSI. Can Katie save their lives?
My Review: DNF but thank you to Netgalley for a digital advance copy.

If you can get past the over use of Cockney Slang, the awful stereotypical character of the 'boyfriend' and the equally over used plot cliche of dead parents, this might have been a good story. Shelly Dickson Carr (or maybe Michael Karol the name it's copyrighted to)seems to have written a book that was an excuse to show off her(or his) knowledge of the Jack The Ripper history and the rather large amount of Cockney slang in her(his) linguistic basket. The sister is mentioned often to start but, at the point of the book that I gave up, had still not made an actual appearance, so I have no idea why, unless it was just to point out the obvious resemblance to an ancestor who is a victim of Jack's. I personally will not be trying to read this book again at a later date.

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