Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love is Always Write Volume 10

Review of Love Is Always Write Volume 10 4*
BLURB: Stories in Volume 10:
TIME ENOUGH – Kiernan Kelly (science fiction/time
TO KEEP A SMILE – Valentina Heart (contemporary/family drama)
TUMBLEWEED – S.A. Meade (contemporary/cowboy)
UNDERWATER SECRETS – Charlie Richards (paranormal/merman)
USING BROKEN WINGS TO FLY – Eden Connor (contemporary/PTSD)
THE VAMPIRE AND THE BEAR – Deanna Wadsworth (paranormal/vampire)
THE WAR AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane (historical/writer)
WEST, HAVEN – Jenna Jones (contemporary/musicians)
WHERE THE LAND GOES ON FOREVER – S. A. McAuley (contemporary/scientist)
A WHISPERED CRY – Sammy Goode (fantasy/military)
WITH THIS RING – Jeff Erno (contemporary/intergenerational)
THE WOLF AT MY DOOR – Pia Veleno (contemporary/mild bondage)

My Review: This volume has a story for everyone in it. Personally I enjoyed most of them and will reread at least three of them many more times in the future.

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