Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review of Hook's Pan by Marie Hall

Hook's Pan (Kingdom # 5) by Marie Hall 5*
BLURB: Trishelle Page has known pain in her life, but instead of it making her weak, she's stronger. Confident. That is until the day a fairy kidnaps her during her starring role in Peter Pan's play and tells her not only do fairytales exist, but that she's the soulmate of the pirate they call Hook, making her question everything she ever thought she knew.
Captain James Hook is a man at the end of his rope. He's not the villainous bastard tales have made him out to be. So when the curvaceous blonde drops, literally, at his feet he aims to prove it to her. If only to get her into his bed.
What neither one knows is that fate and magic are conspiring and they can deny the attraction all they want but the end is already written, it's just a matter of getting there

My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalleyI hadn't actually read any of the previous Kingdom stories but that didn't really matter. There was enough backstory given, without ruining the flow of the story, that I had no trouble understanding what was going on. In fact the backstory about other Bad Boys of The Kingdom made me eager to go find them and read those too. So this one is all about turning Hook into a hero and Marie Hall does it with style and humour. I loved that Peter Pan was shown to be exactly what an undisciplined ten year old would be without adult correction. The Heroine was sympathetic and believable without being a wimp, in fact I loved her snarky responses to Hook and really enjoyed the whole romance. As for Hook I loved him even though he managed to hold a grudge against Pan for so long.

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