Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review Of Awkward Holidays by Kallysten

Awkward Holidays (Ward Of The Vampire #3) by Kallysten 4*
BLURB: Trapped in the Ward mansion with a reluctant and standoffish host – a vampire she should be afraid of but can’t help being attracted to – Angelina is preparing herself for grim, lonely holidays.
When her parents unexpectedly decide to visit, the situation, far from improving, only grows more complicated. They look forward to visiting New York with her, but how can she explain that she’s unable to leave the mansion? For that matter, what will they say when they realize she lives with a millionaire?
A hastily concocted excuse smoothes things over, but now Angelina finds herself having to work closely with Morgan Ward. It wouldn’t be so bad if Morgan was as pleasant to her as he is to her parents, but his mercurial moods leave her confused and frustrated. It doesn’t help that he seems no closer to finding a way for her to leave his house.
The New Year brings change with a startling kiss and an even more surprising guest… or is it more of the same?

My Review: Complimentary Copy provided by Author in exchange for an honest review I liked this latest episode of the Ward Of The Vampire ongoing story. The Characters are filling out nicely and there are glimpses of more behind the scenes that are very intriguing. I liked that it was a quick and easy read but am now unhappy at having to wait for the next installment. One warning though you need to read these stories in order to getthe best out of them!

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