Friday, July 05, 2013

Review Of Despite Himself by Kayleigh Patchett

Despite Himself (Despite Himself #1)by Kayleigh Patchett 5*
BLURB: Logan is a loner. Abused by his father and his brother, he finds safe refuge in an unexpected person. As that refuge turns into something more Logan must deal with resistance from all sides. Is just wanting to be loved too much to ask for? Please note, this book contains scenes of an adult m/m nature.
My Review:At first I was a little surprised at this book because it was all first person, present tense, with frequent changes of POV. I haven't come across it very often but with this story it worked really well and the story really flowed. Logan came across as a very sensitive and artistic guy who has been bullied by his father and big brother all his life. This is graphically described at times (but is no more than fists etc.) so if you don't like to read about violence of a domestic nature this one might not be for you. Logan's refuge is a very determined guy who is gentle and cares for Logan and the contrast (especially as given through the POV changes) is very intense. I was moved to tears towards the end, and as I have mentioned in previous reviews, an author who can move me like that deserves to get a 5*

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