Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review of Shoot The Humans First

Shoot the Humans First by Becky Black 4*
BLURB: On Earth, everyone is a soldier. Like all humans Jadeth was trained from birth to kill. Humans are the best soldiers in the galaxy and they fight for whoever pays the most. With no family, no country, no tribe, their lives and their loyalty belong to High Command. But when Jadeth meets Ilyan, a man they call The Prophet, he learns he’s been lied to all his life.
Brilliant intelligence analyst, Ilyan, is certain humanity and Earth itself is in imminent danger. High Command refuses to believe it, forcing Ilyan to go on the run, desperate to spread the truth. If he can’t make High Command believe in the threat, then he will take his message to the soldiers on the ground.
Infantryman Jadeth is one of those soldiers. He doesn’t know if it’s accident or fate that has brought him to Ilyan, but he knows he has only one mission now. He must protect Ilyan and his small band of followers as they travel through hostile territory, spreading the truth. High Command has betrayed humanity, and Jadeth has nothing left to believe in—except The Prophet. Ilyan is determined to reach Earth’s mercenary army, scattered across the galaxy fighting other people’s wars. His new guardian Jadeth must keep him safe from agents of High Command determined to silence him. If Jadeth fails he will have nothing left. If that happens Earth will have to learn how far a man can go when everything he believed in is lost.

My Review: An interesting concept for this story and I enjoyed reading it, even though it was a little bit 'bromancey' for a Science Fiction story. I was totally surprised at the ending as it wasn't quite what I expected it to be, yet somehow, after the fact, it made a lot of sense to me too. If you enjoy good Characters, an action and intrigue story with surprise endings then this is for you.

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