Sunday, August 04, 2013

Review Of Admiral Who by Luke Sky Wachter

Admiral Who? (Spineward Sectors #1)by Luke Sky Wachter 4*
BLURB: When the man handed him the keys and took off, no one expected Prince-Cadet Jason Montagne to act like a real admiral, least of all himself. Terrified of what might happen if he failed, he was determined to do anything (even impersonate a Confederate admiral) to succeed.
Bugs, battleships and blaster-fire will turn out to be the least of his worries. Ship-wide mechanical failures, assassination attempts, and every young man's greatest fear are just a few of the landmines the paranoid young college student must navigate if he hopes to avoid disaster.
But with the galaxy's oldest junior lieutenant in charge of Engineering, a conniving young Intelligence Officer as his second-in-command, and barely half the crew needed to man the ship (the untrained, undisciplined half), the biggest threats may prove to be those closest to him.
Then again, just how much trouble could he get into in a week?
Before long, the question everyone will be asking is: Admiral Who?

My Review: Amusing and action packed, a humorous space opera that packs a lot of story into 500 pages and a week of storyline. It was very reminiscent of spoofs like Galaxy Quest and Spaceballs and had me giggling to myself a few times, even though the overall story was quite serious. The Characters are all fairly well developed and my favourite was definitely the curmudgeonly Chief Engineer! The main Character of The Admiral had me thinking of Captain Kirk in the way he interacted with the female and always seemed to win out when getting in trouble, but he was also very uniquely himself. It was only after reading that I realised this was a debut novel by this author and I have to say he writes extremely well and I will be looking into getting his other stories. My only complaint is that the editing was a little shoddy and there were too many repeat and misspelled words and poor grammar (I know! I'm a one to talk about stuff like that but I don't claim to be an author!). Finally I do want to thank R J for recommending this to me on the strength of my love of Military Science Fiction, you were so right!

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