Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review Of Dance in the Dark by Megan Derr

Dance in the Dark (Dance with the Devil #2)by Megan Derr 4*
BLURB: At the age of nine, Johnnie lost everything. A quiet, normal child, his life forever changed when his family was attacked by a blood-crazed vampire, leaving his parents dead and Johnnie an orphan.
Now grown, he is the cold, proud, beautiful—but very human—son of the Dracula Desrosiers, who took him in after the tragedy that befell Johnnie's parents. Constantly kept apart for being human, Johnnie chooses to bury himself in the two things he most loves—books and mysteries.
Then he is summoned by a friend to solve a simple mystery involving a pair of Cinderella slippers, and in putting one mystery to rest Johnnie only succeeds in waking several more.

My Review: The main character of this book is mentioned in passing in Dance With The Devil and even that little mention made me interested in knowing more about him. This book told me lots and he was a most interesting person to read about. One of my favourite things about him is his tendency to use quotes from poems, fairy tales and the like. Like Dance With the Devil the book was split into 'Cases' but at least these were in chronological order and were really just a way of splitting the story about Johnnie and his hunt for the truth. I really would advise reading Dance With the Devil first, as it makes more sense of some of the secondary characters in this book, but it can be read as a stand alone if so desired.

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