Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review Of Heightened Reality by Lexie Donovan

Heightened Reality by Lexie Donovan 4*
BLURB: A Virtual Environment Machine can create anything your mind can conceive but Kala never expected the Captain to trap her inside a hot and steamy jungle simulation for her indiscretions. If Roark wanted to use the program to seduce her, she was going to enjoy every moment of making him work for that pleasure.
My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author (Because she's my daughter and knows I'll be ruthlessly honest). This was a short but interesting story that somehow managed to get in a lot of background information on the Heroine who was feisty and yet also very vulnerable. Unfortunately I found that, apart from the Hero's manly attributes and the fact that he was a good captain, I didn't really get to know him as well as I did the Heroine, this is the reason for not giving it a 5* review. Apart from that small niggle I thoroughly enjoyed this story and think it's well worth a read if you have a half hour or so you want to fill in with something a little bit meaty.

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