Friday, August 09, 2013

Reviewing Connection: Angel's Pet by Nana G.

Connection: Angel's Pet by Nana G. 4*
BLURB: Gay BDSM Erotic Fantasy. Adam is a submissive masochist living on a planet which systematically persecutes sadomasochists. Like other exposed sadomasochists, he has been forced into a street life. Nevertheless, he is determined to find his sir. Adam believes he is searching for a man, but his search leads him to a black winged angel. The story contains explicit material and is intended for adults only.
My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author If you like the SM part of BDSM then you will like this story. It deals very explicitly with the relationship found between a Masochist and his dominating Sadistic partner. That's not to say it is just sex for sex sake as it isn't. It is a well thought out story that has hints of backstory about the society in which Adam and his Master find themselves. It also has a lot of interesting incidents of the power that the alien Master wields. Overall I enjoyed this short story and found it to be well worth a read.

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