Friday, August 30, 2013

Reviewing Releasing The Wolf by Dianna Hardy

Releasing The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm #1)by Dianna Hardy 4*
BLURB: Lydia Martin has always had dreams, the weirdest and hottest of them all involving a faceless, muscle-bound man that speaks like sin and smells like sex. Like any sane person, she always put the dreams down to an overactive imagination, coupled with a higher than average libido.
One night, however, instead of their usual, erotic encounters, she finds him in her dream, chained to a wall and screaming in pain. Not only that, but she thinks she recognises the building he's being held captive in as one that's just a few streets away.
Awaking with an irrepressible need to save her fantasy lover, Lydia decides to humour her dream self and head on over to where she thinks he's imprisoned.
What unfolds is beyond even her wildest imaginings, as she's sucked into a dangerous and deadly world she never knew existed ... and it turns out that the man who inhabits her darkest fantasies, isn't the only one that needs releasing.

My Release: The first thing that struck me was the unusual fact of werewolves in Britain! The second was the the fact that it was a VERY hot read. The storyline was complex and had an interesting concept for the werewolves. I was even OK with the fact hat she hnds up with three guys. What I could not accept readily was wolves in Britain!

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