Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wolf's Justice by Doranna Durgin

Review Of Wolf's Justice (King's Wolf Saga, Book 2) by Doranna Durgin 5*
BLURB: When Reandn's Remote Wolf Patrol is slaughtered under someone else's command, his explosive reaction earns him a discharge from the elite service that has shaped his entire life. He is left adrift in a society still reeling under the changes wrought by the return of magic.But King's Keep offers him a chance to regain his rank, if he can see that the Highborn woman Kalena -- whose very presence is a focus for the turmoil building around magic's return -- is safe on the journey from the Resioran border to King's Keep. Soon enough Reandn finds himself embroiled in treachery and under attack by Resioran zealots -- and in order to make it out alive, he'll have to face his own worst enemy.
My Review: Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author. This is the second book featuring Reandn of the Remote Wolf Patrol. I read book one last October and was gifted the second one to give an honest review. Well in my honest opinion this is even better than book one (if that's at all possible)and was so good I rarely put it down. The characters were wonderful and even the new ones sparkled off the pages. The magic was clever and Reandn's reactions to it very intense and intriguing. The political intrigue and the action was cleverly wrought as was the subtle undertones of mystery, suspense and romance. I really hope Ms Durgin will write a book three to the King's Wolf Saga following some of the other characters such as Teya or Rethia.

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