Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sword Of The King by Megan Derr

Sword of the King (Dance with the Devil #5)by Megan Derr 4*
BLURB: Dragons are amongst the most feared creatures in the paranormal world, nigh unbeatable and barely controllable. Every year, countless men and women who bear dragon potential are stolen away and turned into beasts, their former lives lost forever. They are drugged to compliance and trained to fight in the notorious Pits for the profit of the crime lords who breed them.
Blaze has been a pit fighter all his life, and it is a life he hates. The only thing that keeps him going is that if he stops, he risks losing the only thing that matters to him: his dragon, Erie. Though pit rules say it's a bad idea to get too close to the dragons, Blaze has never been able to help it. He'll do anything to protect Erie.
Ken and his dragon Nevada were once victims of the pits, stolen from their normal lives and made to fight. Now, they work to bring down the pits they despise, though the battle seems futile. Everyone who has ever tried has wound up dead. Stopping the pit fights once and for all would take a miracle—or a legend.

My Review:I love Dragons, so any book I find with Dragons has me a little biased from the outset. However, that said, this book really was very good. It had action, Heroes and Dragons enough for any reader to drool over. Also, as I am finding is usual with Megan Derr's books, it also had lots of interesting relationship interaction to give the story plenty of depth.

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