Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two shorts that pack a punch

Slave by Kol Anderson 4*
BLURB:It's the worst feeling in the world, seeing him with someone else. There's nothing I wouldn't do, no limits I won't go to get him back. But he won't give me a chance. He won't so much as look at me because he thinks I don't belong to him anymore.
But that's the whole thing.
I don't belong anywhere.
Doesn't matter where I go or who I am with I am always alone. There is something wrong with me, there has to be because no one else seems quite as miserable at being without a master.
But don't we all owe our freedom to something?
People are slaves, aren't they? To their jobs, to their partners, to their children, even to their lifestyles?
We all have those little kinks that we don't tell anyone about, because we think we're going to be judged for them, and because we're slaves to society's rules.
In a world where slavery is the norm I'm a slave to my needs.
To him.
And I need to get him back.
My Review: This is a short but emotion packed story that needs that warning! It is heartrending and tear jerking. I reckon I will be keeping an eye open for this author for when I need a good story that will give me a true emotional depth to it.

Vanilla Boy (Club Floggers #1)by H.C. Brown 4*
BLURB:When Nash Mage sees an innocent vanilla virgin in Floggers' charity sub auction, it's game on.
NOTE: This book was originally published under the title "Dominate Me" as part of "Floggers' Holiday Sale" at Noble Romance Publishing in December 2010.
My Review: I wasn't into m/m back in 2010 so missed this with it's original title but both title's suit the story well. I liked both the characters and the action well enough to have an interest in finding more from the Club Flogger series in the future.

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