Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reviewing Cloak and Silence (The League) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Cloak and Silence (The League) by Sherrilyn Kenyon 5*
BLURB: One of the fiercest soldiers the Phrixians have ever produced, Maris Sulle has been an outsider from the moment he was born different from the rest of his family. He grew up with a secret that cost him everything——his birthright, his family, and his military career. In all his life, he’s only had one love, and he has sacrificed his own happiness to see his best friend reunited with the woman he loves. But now that his good deed is done, he feels lost and adrift. Even though they do their best to include him in their new family, Maris is once again on the outside looking in.
Ture has spent his life hiding from everyone around him——his family, the world, you name it——while trying desperately to fit in. Badly hurt by everyone he’s ever known, he trusts no one except his own best friend. And honestly, he can’t understand why he trusts her. Nor can he believe her when she describes a loyalty between friends the likes of which he’s never seen.
But when Ture is in his darkest hour, he’s saved by a hero he thought only existed in novels. A man who is every bit as scarred and mistrusting as he is——one who has no interest in being dragged into another relationship with anyone.
Having spent his life as a living study of doomed relationships, Maris is well aware of the courtship and fiasco that invariably follows. Still, there is something about Ture he can’t resist. Something that won’t let him walk away when he knows he should.
But when old enemies return to threaten them both, they either have to stand together or die alone.

My Review So, before I start raving, I need to warn everyone that I am biased towards Ms Kenyon's League stories. That being said, I have to admit to the only thing wrong with this story was the length - it just wasn't long enough to give me more of one of my favourite characters from the series (one among many). I love Maris and was so happy to read his happily ever after story and Ture was the perfect companion for him. So empathic and understanding and totally hot too (I love men who can cook!) I just wanted to hold them both close. Added to all that manlove the war with the League continued on with lots of action, blood and gore, as is the norm for these stories, so those who only read it for that won't be disappointed either. I was really disappointed to get to the end so quickly, but I won't complain for too long, as I am sure Maris & Ture will appear in future books as secondary characters. *hint, hint Ms Kenyon*

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