Friday, November 22, 2013

My First Ever Audio Book!

The Artifact: The Bodyguard, Book 1 (M/M Supernatural Mystery) (Unabridged) [Audio Download]
by X. Aratare (Author), Chris Patton (Narrator)
BLURB: Dane Gareis is a wealthy, reclusive young man with a traumatic past, but a spine of steel. When his father is killed in a mysterious plane crash, Dane carries on the family business and continues his passion for the very antiquity that got his father murdered - a golden sarcophagus belonging to an ancient cult known as the Ydrath.
Soon, the Ydrath threaten him as well, and Dane seeks to hire a bodyguard he can trust. Someone who can protect him, and someone who will respect his boundaries. While he gets the first two, the third requirement falls apart when he hires Sean Harding.
Sean Harding is an ex-detective with a sixth sense for danger. After his entire unit was murdered in a drug bust gone very wrong, he is a broken man who thinks only of revenge until he takes the job protecting the Gareis CEO.
Sean's attraction to the vulnerable Dane gives him new purpose, but his past is not escaped so easily, and his sixth sense tells him that there is more to the Ydrath than even Dane knows.

My Review: Apart from the odd way the narrator pronounced Buttocks (with the emphasis on the O and not the U like in the UK)I really enjoyed listening to the story. The narrator had a smooth pleasant speaking voice and was able to change it enough that I was never lost as to who was supposed to be speaking. I was even able to tell when a character's thoughts were being narrated, as opposed to outloud commentary. In fact my only complaint was that it ended with "The story continues in book 2" as I hate that kind of cliffhanger (truth be told I just hate waiting for book 2! As to the actual story I couldn't have asked for a more intense and intriguing one. It was full of good characterisation and the storyline was unique. Naturally I will be waiting on book 2's audio edition with eager anticipation.

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