Saturday, December 07, 2013

Duke Betrayed by Amber Kell

Duke Betrayed (Thresl Chronicles #5) by Amber Kell 4*
BLURB: Book Five in the The Thresl Chronicles series.
When Duke Hellbur is accused of treason against his people, he bonds with medic Balaze to keep his human form and prove his innocence.
When Duke Hellbur is accused of smuggling Thresls and selling them off to interested buyers, he undertakes a trip to prove his innocence. In order to retain his humanity, Hellbur bonds with a medic named Balaze…who didn’t exactly give his assent to the binding of their souls.
Balaze admired the duke whenever he visited the castle, but finding someone attractive and wanting to be theirs for eternity aren’t the same thing. After surviving the death of his first Thresl mate, Balaze isn’t exactly eager to go through that pain again. However, the duke doesn’t take no for answer.
Those who are guilty will have to be uncovered if the two men ever plan on finding peace with each other. When Hellbur and Balaze go off on an interplanetary adventure, can they find common ground or will their enemies tear them apart?

My Review: Well the Thresl story continued but still not with Saint's story :( However putting that disappointment aside I really enjoyed Duke Betrayed. There were glimpses of Saint and his mate but mostly it was about Hellbur and his romance with Balaze whilst trying to clear his name and help save the Thresl people. So naturally there was plenty of hot loving, all the usual misunderstandings, action and of course a little bit towards the longer Thresl storyline.

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