Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review of Pocket-Sized Prince by Stormy Glenn

Pocket-Sized Prince (Aberdeen Pack #1) by Stormy Glenn 5*
BLURB: Iben Khenti knew he was an alpha by the time he learned to walk. Unfortunately, due to his small size, no one ever takes him seriously until it is too late. Having lived over two hundred years with a wolf that refuses to accept anyone that Iben is interested in makes for a very lonely life, and one that is quickly coming to an end. Iben is losing control of his wolf, and if that happens, the bloodshed will be unimaginable. Iben needs someone to counter his feral nature. He just never expected to find it in the omega of his new pack.
When Zack Evens is sent to welcome the new alpha into pack lands, he could think of a million other places he would rather be. When Iben steps down from the plane, Zack is positive that there has to be a mistake. He is all of five feet seven and a hundred and thirty-five pounds. When Iben shows interest in him, Zack is positive that the alpha is just like the one that had abused him. He can't help but show every bit of disdain he feels for Iben, putting them both in a dangerous situation that could cost them not only the pack but their very lives.

My Review: I love shifter stories most of the time and I enjoyed this one a lot. But this one was a little bit different to the normal Macho Alpha falls in love, in that the Alpha wolf was a smaller man and he wore eyeliner!! I loved it as there was action, romance, passion and tears (mine at the sad bits), oh yes and no 'fated mates' so it deserved the 5* rating I have given it. If you want to read a quirky, action filled shifter romance with lots of emotion and great characters then give this one a try.

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