Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Reviewing Sacred Fate (Chronicles of Ylandre #1) by Eressë

Sacred Fate (Chronicles of Ylandre #1) by Eressë 5*
BLURB: In the dual-gendered realm of Ylandre, the great divide between the high-born True Bloods and the lower-ranked Half Bloods is deemed impassable by most. Rohyr Essendri dared to cross it when he took young Lassen Idana from his provincial town and made him his paramour. Lassen perforce learned how to navigate the intricate byways of life at court. What he never expected, however, was to fall in love with Rohyr, a most inadvisable and impractical thing to do when one’s lover is sovereign ruler of the land. But anything worth having is worth fighting for, both figuratively and, as Lassen discovers, literally speaking.
Contains hermaphroditism and explicit homoerotic sexual encounters.

My Review: I really loved this story. It was sufficiently different than other fantasy stuff that it had me hooked from the start. I fell for both heroes and really lived the story with them. As I have mentioned many times before I love a book that is so well written it can move me to tears and this one did that more than once. I just want ot say that anyoen who loves a well written story with a depth of emotion and a clarity of world building needs to read this!

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