Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reviewing two great shorts by Jessica Freely

Complimentary Review Copies Provided by Author in return for an honest review.

Undaunted (Freedom #2) by Jessica Freely 5*
BLURB: Larke didn't know Droje was a rebel when he found him beaten and bruised in an alley. Now they're on the run and there's no going back. While Larke can't get enough of Droje's hot body, the man's radical ideas -- like freedom and justice for all -- challenge his whole worldview. There may be more to life than illicit sex and survival, but unless Larke can get Droje to the safe house in time, neither of them will survive long enough to find out.
This sequel to Unlawful is the second short story in the Freedom Series, set in the universe of Jessica Freely's novella, His Own Devices

My Review: As with the first book in this series (Unlawful) I was pleasantly surprised at how much story Ms Freely managed to squeeze into so few pages. There were even some nice little sex scenes to spice up a really interesting piece within a continuing storyline about two great characters. I don't want to tell you more as it would include spoilers and besides I want you all to go out and get it to read for yourselves.

Unbound (Freedom #3) by Jessica Freely 5*
BLURB: When Larke met Droje his whole world changed. Now he's left behind everything he's ever known to join Droje's band of freedom fighters. Life on the run is full of perils but Larke doesn't care so long as he's by Droje's side. Every day he's discovering more -- about who he is, who he can become, and the unprecedented feelings he has for Droje. But when an enemy from within nearly costs Larke his life, Droje's efforts to protect him could end their relationship and rob Larke of his chance to help the rebellion as only he can. In this third volume of the Freedom series, Larke learns that before he can free others, he must first free himself.
My Review: Book three was written just as well as the first two books, with plenty of story for such a short piece. In fact my only complaint about this series is that I don't have a longer story to read. What I especially liked with this one that Ms Freely used characters from her previous book, His Own Devices, which gives it a nice united feel about the galaxy it is set in. Again I advice reading it for yourself if you enjoy m/m science fiction romance, though I also advice reading them in order to get the most out of the storyline.

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