Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reviewing Heartstrings by Eressë

Heartstrings (Chronicles of Ylandre #4) by Eressë 5*
BLURB: When all else comes to naught, a steadfast heart is the only thing that stands between hope and despair.
Scions of the most powerful House in Ylandre, Ashrian Mithani and Eiren Sarvan were more than just cousins. Lovers of long standing, theirs was a bond that would have been the envy of all were it not for one glaring flaw — Ashrian’s inability to commit himself wholeheartedly to Eiren. Despite the dismay of some and the derision of others, Eiren bore his inconstancy, displaying a loyalty Ashrian seemed incapable of returning. That is, until Ashrian crossed a line and the transgression proved one Eiren could not forgive.
In the wake of grief and remorse, Ashrian seeks to make amends and win Eiren back. But something stands in his way. Or rather someone. And the irony of it all is that Ashrian can neither hate nor help befriending the Deir who is his rival for the heart of Ylandre’s most beloved physician.

My Review: If you haven't noticed yet I am working my way through the Chronicles OF Ylandre by Eressë. Oh boy are they good, she has me feeling everything her MCs do and it is getting heart wrenching. In this latest book I was so angry with Ashrian for being such a fool and yet I also felt so sorry for him as he made so many avoidable mistakes. His growth throughout the story was wonderfully portrayed. Yet again this was a story with a parallel timeline to previous ones and it was lovely seeing the events of them as they occurred in this one. It gives the reader a chance to catch up on former MCs in such away so as not to distract from the main story.

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