Monday, March 17, 2014

Reviewing a couple of books

The Stallion, the Swordsman and the Prince (Mates Across Worlds) by E.N. Thane 3*
BLURB: A saga of male/male love and swashbuckling sci-fi adventure… A tale of men from two worlds drawn together, some bound by destiny and others by desire…
Jon Wester, nicknamed “the Stallion,” is a proud gentleman soldier, a fallen hero who has been exiled to a remote island as the result of a political coup. There, he meets Derrick Rees, a handsome but eccentric young fencer—and the one person in the world who can ease his pain.
But Derrick has been having visions of another world, and another lover: a golden-eyed Prince who lives in a desert realm. Derrick’s visions lead him and Jon through a gate to this other world, where they discovery that Derrick’s dream-lover is real, and in peril… captured by a ruthless enemy General.
His heart and mind caught between worlds--and longing for a man who is the destined mate of a Prince---Jon will have to use all of his skills in a battle against savage barbarians and strange technology.
In this brutal new world, where males love and lust for each other openly, Jon finds himself caught between his desire for Derrick and the schemes of the seductive Prince. The Prince is Derrick’s fated mate, bonded in soul and mind, their union prophesized for centuries … And Jon is an outsider.
But this world needs a hero, even if he is an outsider. And even two destined mates might love a third… If they all survive the coming battle that threatens to tear civilization apart.

My Review: The write up on this one led me to expect a great fantasy story with lots of action. Well I got the action and I got the fantasy but unfortunately I also got the abrupt cliff hanger ending I hate! I also ended up with a fair few typos that even I couldn't miss and a rather up and down read as the scenes didn't really flow well and I was constantly pulled out of the story. With a few revisions and some good editing (and a smoother ending) this stands the chance of being an excellent read.

Cathedral of the Sky (Pact Arcanum #1.5) by Arshad Ahsanuddin 5*
BLURB: Child of Twilight
Venice, Italy, 2039. When Michael Danvers witnesses a vampire attack, his latent ability to shapeshift awakens. Revealed as a Sentinel, the natural enemy of Nightwalkers, 13-year-old Michael must turn his back on his family and his safe, predictable life. But a supernatural battlefield is no place for a child, not even a genius like Michael. Betrayed by his own kind, he leaves Earth behind, hoping to find a new path with the Spacer Guild – and the stars.
Tempered by Moonlight
Relocating to the Citadel, Michael quickly makes a name for himself at the Spacer Guild Academy. But each advancement means less to him than the friendships he acquires, of fellow cadets William and Ariel, even as Michael is promoted above them.
Forged in Starlight
Everyone had plans for Michael’s future: his parents, the Sentinels, the Guild—even his best friend, Will. But Michael takes control of his destiny, and when called upon to make a fateful decision with countless lives hanging in the balance, the only sense of honor that matters is his own.

My Review: Even though I knew what to expect, as Michaels story is touched upon in book one, I still enjoyed reading this shorter story in the Pact Arcanum series. It was interesting to get to know the character of Michael in greater depth than the occasional times he's mentioned in the first one. I just hope you have lots of tissues ready when you get near the end of this book, I did because I knew what was coming but it was still heart wrenching in a big sobbing out loud way. What I also liked about this one is that it can easily be read as a stand alone and not lose any of it's depth or impact on the readers emotions. I highly recommend it.

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