Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A new type of Human Mutant - time to meet the Variants!

Rarely Pure and Never Simple (Variant Configurations #1) by Angel Martinez 5*
BLURB: A search for missing children throws a misanthropic human GPS and an obnoxious human torch together in a struggle to survive dangerous conspiracies and each other.
Damien just wants to be left alone. Too bad his variant talent as a locator makes him the go-to contractor for the government's missing person cases. He can refuse, but it's not so easy when the missing are variant kids.
Blaze Emerson is a sparker. People fear him as much for his ability to call fire as his obnoxious, violent temperament. He's good at what he does, though, and he's intrigued by the quiet man who can find people with his brain.
Conspiracies, treachery, and wild rumors are only the start. First Damien and Blaze have to survive each other.

My Review: This story was amazingly well written and the world building and the back story of the Variants was dropped into the book in such a way as not to distract from the intrigue and romance . The interaction between the two main characters was wonderfully different as they were both written with major character flaws (OCD or Aggression etc.)but still had so many redeeming features that I fell in love with both Damien and Blaze. I am going to be reading the follow up Variant books as soon as I can.

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