Friday, April 11, 2014

Waiting, rereading and keeping busy!

I've been waiting on a wool delivery so that I can continue with my blanket so there has been a fair amount of rereading of old favourites going on.

Then I decided to start crocheting a gift for my daughter (birthday not until December but when needs must!). This led to me listening to the next two audio books in the Honor Harrington series:

Audiobook: A Short Victorious War: Honor Harrington, Book 3 by David Weber Narrated by Allyson Johnson Narration 5 Story 5

Audiobook:Field Of Dishonor: Honor Harrington, Book 4 by David Weber Narrated by Allyson Johnson Narration 5 Story 5

I also read a few new books whilst not crocheting:

Farren's Wizard (A Wizard's Touch #3) by Amber Kell 4*
BLURB: When the world is on the line, will love be enough to save them all?
Farren Azar came to college to get his degree. However, he knew he couldn’t let anyone know about his djinn blood. The djinn had been exiled to a different plane, and if his heritage was discovered, he could be banished too. When a djinn and a fire god become involved in his life, he has to figure how to handle two powerful entities without losing himself.
Dan Stewartson knew Farren was the one. A glance between them had him hooked. When strange fires begin popping up around campus and fingers are pointed at Farren, Dan refuses to believe his lover could be responsible. Will he be able to save Farren’s reputation, or will secrets come between them and wreck their budding romance?

My Review: It was a nice addition to the series but it ended a little abruptly, not a cliffhanger but with a few loose ends that I would have liked cleared up. Over all though it was a pleasant read.

Bless Us With Content by Tinnean 4*
BLURB: Ashton Laytham came to Fayerweather, his uncle’s estate, as an orphan at the age of seven. Family and servants alike perceived Ashton as an unlovable child and shunned him; as an adult, the occasional illicit rendezvous aside, Ashton remains aloof and alone. When his uncle dies, yet more abuse falls upon Ashton’s shoulders: the estate is bankrupt and Ashton must make good on his uncle’s gaming debts.
With the family talisman stolen and the suspects fled, Ashton faces certain ruin until the arrival of Geo Stephenson, who holds all of Sir Laytham’s IOUs. Geo proposes a solution: Ashton will accommodate him in his bed, thereby paying off the debt. Attracted to Geo in spite of himself and desperate for any human kindness, Ashton agrees… never expecting to lose his heart to a man who claims he will never give his.

My Review: This was a well plotted, intricate story with interesting characters that I enjoyed reading about. I have liked this author's works before and this book certainly didn't change my opinion on her writings, which really give you the essence of the historical settings and the lifestyle that was required by society at that time.

Hope my wool arrives soon - I want to see the blanket on my bed!!

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