Thursday, May 01, 2014

A wonderful new story in the old trope of Good v Evil

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author

The Bastard (The Baddest Boys in History, #1) by Inez Kelley 5*
BLURB: In the battle between good and evil, humans have never been more than collateral damage. Now they are prey. Mankind doesn’t need a hero. It needs a sinner.
Corrupt. Wicked. Nefarious. Contemptible….
The Baddest Boys in History are back!
You read about them in school. Now learn the truth. Real men. No vampires, no werewolves, no shifters. Just down and dirty raw power —sin to sin, evil to evil, bad to bad. They fight for humanity. It was that or eternal damnation.
They agreed to risk their souls. No one told them they would lose their hearts.
Coming this summer, Inez Kelley’s self-publishing debut.
THE BASTARD: Vike died in blood, in battle, in betrayal. His ruthlessness was second only to his brutality. Now one woman makes his blood sing and he’ll stop at nothing to save her. He only has to face half of Hell to do it.
THE BEAUTY: Lacy is unknowingly descended from an ancient Holy line. Someone is slowly destroying her life and wants her dead. A fierce Viking comes to her rescue, and in his arms, she finds more than safety.
THE BAD NEWS: If Vike can’t protect Lacy, he’ll have to kill her. And for a bastard, what’s one woman worth when the entire world is in jeopardy?

My Review: This book isn't out until 18th May, but I highly recommend anyone into great heroes and powerful fight scenes with a dash of really romantic loving to go and buy this one.
The romance between Lacy and Erik is as good as any contemporary romance out there but what makes it stand out is the storyline supporting it. The baddest boys from history are really taken from history and it was fun trying to work out who each of them were from the descriptions and the nicknames (I managed to get six of them correct and did a happy dance each time I got it right). The way they deal with centuries of fighting the most evil of foes is written in such a way that, even if you aren't into god and satan style stories, you will still enjoy this book. To lighten the mood of Good v Evil fighting and heartfelt romances there is also a really humerous touch woven in with the repartee between those wonderful bad boys (and some really inspired T-shirt slogans too). I really only have one complaint about this book! That is, that I have to wait even longer than most of you to get my greedy little paws on Book Two!!

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