Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another challenge book finished.

Starbleached (Starbleached #1) by Chelsea Gaither 2*
BLURB: The Overseers have enslaved humanity, and only Adrienne Parker has the cure. Maybe. If the test on the next-to-last free human colony goes smoothly.
Adrienne was given one task when she came to Holton Station: Develop a drug that will take humans off the Overseer menu. It didn’t hurt that her research partner, Dr. Bryan Landry, was hotter than the surface of Alpha Centauri. But that romantic distraction proved fatal. Bryan and Holton station were destroyed, leaving Adrienne alone with Space Marines and two thousand doses of the Landry Enzyme--humanity’s last hope against the Overseers. There are only two free human colonies standing between the aliens and Earth. If the Landry Enzyme doesn’t work, everyone is doomed.
Then Adrienne and the Landry Enzyme are captured before testing can begin. Stranded on a hostile planet with an Overseer renegade, Adrienne is given a terrible choice: help her enemy destroy Bryan’s research, or die as a monster’s midnight snack. Adrienne swears to be defiant to the last; at least she’ll give the alien indigestion.
But when a plague strikes the humans on the renegade’s world, she realizes the space between stars isn’t always so black-and-white…

My review: I was looking forward to this after reading the blurb and was mightily disappointed. It was a now and then book. As in each part was titled now or then and the whole thing kept jumping in an erratic manner. if the two timelines had had consistency it wouldn't have been too bad but then was (I think) over a year or so time span and even the now was (again, I think) over a month or two. I persevered, but it didn't really make any sense timeline wise for me by the end of the book. I doubt if I'll bother reading any more of the series to answer certain questions the reader is left with the time hop is just to erratic for me.

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