Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finished my reading challenge with a few days to spare.

The Last Operation [Remnants of War bk 1] by Patrick Astre 4*
BLURB: Deep in the swamps of the Everglades. Enlisted to lead a team of "recruits," a retired Special Forces Captain turned mercenary, must infiltrate a deadly world of deception and intrigue to conquer his most challenging opponent. Within this world lies a secret so critical. Devastation is imminent. For the last decade one man has led a team of rogue CIA agents into murder and betrayal. Now he is about to be nominated to head a newly created Federal super-agency, giving him unprecedented influence. This man's success will lead the United States government into an irreparable state of corruption and him into the position of ultimate power. Victory is critical. Only the courage and knowledge of one man can lead "the team" to triumph and only if they survive the last operation!

My Review: Drug wars and CIA involvement, betrayal by covert government operatives, bio-engineering, fast paced action, blood and gore. If any of these trigger your 'I want to read it' button then you want to pick this one up. It has them all and is well written with really great characters and an intrigue full plot line. The bad guys are really evil (but not in an over-the-top evil way) and the good guys make mistakes and get into a world of hurt but keep going. I hadn't read any of this authors works before but he is going on my list as a writer who can really tell a military/spy kind of story with realism.

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