Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Two more books read from May challenge

Sci Fi Sense of Humor by William Markly O'Neal 2*
BLURB William Markly O'Neal's 'Sci Fi Sense of Humor' is a collection of four science fiction novelettes, all with a slight (or not so slight) comedic touch. Two of these stories are a mixture of comedy and drama... and two are straight-out satires.
"The Rejection Letter That Destroyed the World" is the story of a man who is rejected by everyone he ever knows, even God Himself.
"Ubiquitous Marilyn" is a story written about You (in Second Person). In the far-flung future, there are only eight countries left in the world and they still can't get along. But don't worry. You won't have to pay much attention to 'current' events because you can tune in to the most popular hologig of all time!
"Paarma's Pernicious Pet" asks a simple question: what happens when an old-fashioned grandmother has to deal with her granddaughter adopting an extraterrestrial as a pet?
And in "The Green Fate of Wilbur Brown," you'll meet a man who hates doing yard work so passionately... well, you won't believe what he does to avoid mowing his lawn.
The Extraterrestrials Are Coming...
... and some of them are ticking like time bombs

My Review: Well I can't say this amused me as much as I had hoped. The only one that made me smile was Paarma's Pernicious Pet the other stories were fine but just did nothing for my sense of humour. Mind you I have been told that that particular sense is very warped so other reader's might actually enjoy these.

The Animal Sagas (The Animal Sagas #1-3) by Susan G. Charles 1*
BLURB: Read all about the adventures of the Seron sisters, a pair of shapeshifting, were-cougars, and their adopted werewolf family in this 3 part set.
Animal Heat: A Paranormal Romance (Book 1), One minute Lynda Seron was having a regular, and even a plain old ordinary day at home with her sister, when something completely unexpected turns the night completely around in the worst way possible - for them both....
Animal Nature: A Paranormal Romance (Book 2), Sonya Seron was now under the care of a grouchy, though seriously handsome werewolf, due to a botched kidnapping attempt several months back. But then….
Animal Secrets: A Paranormal Romance (Book 3), The two sisters have some issues adjusting to pack life. Lynda, the older, more serious sibling, seems to be having more problems, not to mention the whole issue of her pregnancy. Will a terrible secret from their family lines past now end their future?

My Review: I picked this for the challenge because it said it was a paranormal romance and one of the choices was a book heavy in romance. Big mistake, this read more like a werewolf and werecat let's mate business deal thing going on. I found no romance in it that appealed to me at all. I found getting into it hard as at first I wasn't even sure how many sisters there were not did they ever really come to life for me throughout the three stories. If it wasn't for the challenge I think this would have been a DNF.

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