Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June reading challenge

I enjoyed taking part in last month reading challenge over at Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy on Goodreads. So much so that I decided to take part in the one for this month too. I have already read two books from it as well!!

Dream Lover by Kimberley Reeves 3*
BLURB: Can love transcend time to rewrite the past?
The night before their wedding, Nicolo Covelli's fiancé disappeared without a trace. He grieved for her until the day he died.
115 years later, Rachel Delacourte is suddenly plagued with nightmares where she is entombed alive. But it's not just the nightmares that compel her to seek help from the Covelli sleep clinic, it's the errotic dreams that follow and the disturbing feeling that the man in her dreams is real.
He’d never met Rachel, but he knew her intimately all the same. His fingers had sifted through her silky dark hair, traced the line of her delicate jaw, caressed her soft skin. Night after night she came to him while he slept and made love to him in his dreams. For a year now, she has haunted him, consumed his mind both day and night, and it made Nic wonder…was he the one haunting Rachel Delacourte’s dreams as well?

My Review: Not sure why this one didn't quite gel with me but it might be because the main characters got together far to fast for the kind of story it was. I loved the dream stuff and the reincarnation but it wasn't enough to make the story that interesting to me. Mind you as I've been on a glut of m/m romances it might just have been the f/m aspects took some getting back into!

Flowers and Chocolate by A.C. Katt 3*
BLURB: Justin Carter hates Valentine's Day. That was the day that his ex-boyfried and his brother broke his heart. He wanders in a bar in search of something to eat and finds Rafe Santiago who believe Justin is worth more than he knows.
Justin Carter had the worst day one year ago on Valentine's Day and wants nothing to do with the holiday even though it's the busiest for the flower shop he manages and hopes to own some day. Exhausted, he stops in to the bar two doors down where he finds Rafe Santiago, a man who wants to become more than a willing ear. Justin's ex show up with accusations and Justin turns to Rafe for comfort and support. Can Rafe cure the bad association that Justin has with Valentine's Day and make Justin his own?(

My Review: This one was a VERY short but sweet story that I finished in next to no time. I liked the characters and the romance was well paced. The background to Justin's hatred of Valentine's Day was well written and quite interesting. It made the slow wooing by Rafe very understandable and helped to make the story a 3* instead of 2*.

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